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mazilla mozilla

Let's enjoy mozilla on Macintosh !!

Welcome to mazilla mozilla

This site is about mozilla for Macintosh

We've taken up with Mozilla, since CCR Inc. Korea requested us Symphony via CCR-J Inc., the porting of X2Web for Windows to Macintosh.

In X2Web for Windows, Internet Explorer is used as its browser engine, but in X2web for Macintosh, mozilla came into use.

Mozilla is open source, and anybody can use its parts such as browser engine, within the Mozilla Public License.

During the development of X2web, we've got a lot of suggestion and instruction from mozilla community people domestic or foreign. So we'd like to exhibit the information learned at that time on this site, under the open source spirit of mozilla.

We wish this site would contribute for the development of mozilla community and would help new mozilla hackers, however little it is.


marbrow download

The characters in this site


The representative director of CCR-J. An expert of Windows / Unix. He has wide knowledge for every field. And a kote-kote Kansai-jin.


The leader of X2Web project of CCR-J. The person who localize the Windows version of X2Web to Japanese. An expert of Windows / Unix. And a mote-mote Kansai-jin (No no, also a kote-kote Kansai-jin).

Mr. Koike

The famous leading figure of Macintosh programming in Japan. He has made X2Web Generator for Macintosh.

Mr. Yatsugi

The representative director of Symphony, Inc. An expert of Macintosh. My employer, and good adviser.


Me. A programmer of Macintosh / Windows.

Annotations :
kote-kote : undoubtedly natural-born (Japanese slang)
mote-mote : very popular because of the sexual appeal (Japanese slang)
Kansai-jin : a man or woman come from or live in the Kansai region of Japan

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