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Talk with Mr. Yatsugi

Mozilla reminiscences by Mr.Yatsugi and Mar-San!!

Mr. Yatsugi : Mozilla 0.7 has been released!

Mar-San : Oh, really? Released!

Mr. Yatsugi : Mozilla 1.0 appeared on roadmap, and mozilla will be steady at last.

Mar-San : Yes. I hope the peaceful steadiness.

Mr. Yatsugi : But, lots of things have happened until now, it was a long way.

Mar-San : Yah, many things...

Mr. Yatsugi : The hardest thing was that Javascript did'nt work properly, did it?

Mar-San : Oh, yes, it was. That was incredibly hard.

Mr. Yatsugi : When was it? Well, it was the time of M13. When Javascript is written in HTML it worked, but within JS file and from location bar it didn't.

Mar-San : Oh, that's right! Then at last, I reported it to Bugzilla for the first time with a little fear.

Mr. Yatsugi : So we joined the mozilla party 1.0 in Japan and asked many things to many people there.

Mar-San : Yes, I enjoyed the mozilla party. Many mozilla hackers joined together although we were just novices.

Mr. Yatsugi : But, everyone was kind!

Mar-San : That's right. Afterward, you e-mailed to Mr. Mike Pinkerton.

Mr. Yatsugi : You had better e-mail, too. Anyhow, mozilla is open-source. So, everyone should contribute.

Mar-San : Somehow, I'm slow to act. Yes, let's contribute !

Mr. Yatsugi : But at first, We were in trouble 'cause of little infomation of mozilla. Especially, no reference about embedding.

Mar-San : So we were. Then, we rejoiced at discovery of Mr. Travis Bogard 's "The state of WebShell and the path to it's extinction".

Mr. Yatsugi : Yes, yes! But has embedding been almost shaped up?

Mar-San : Um, it is continuously changing still. In other words, it seems to be regularly API-reviewed and always changes.

Mr. Yatsugi : Is that right? But Mozilla 1.0 comes soon, and mozilla will be completed.

Mar-San : Yes.

Mr. Yatsugi : On some pretext or other, mozilla is the fruits of new technology and amusing 'cause we can learn many things.

Mar-San : Yah, amusing !

Mr. Yatsugi : Many things occured, but somehow it was pleasant.

Mar-San : Pleasant !

Mr. Yatsugi : So, let's contribute to mozilla !

Mar-San : Yes, yes, contribution !

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