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Let's embed mozilla !!

What's embedding

Mozilla itself is an integrated environment for web communication rather than a simple web browser. It includes various parts such as web browser, HTML editor, mail news client.

And it also includes various mechanisms to control their look and feel, i.e. their user interface parts, by XUL script (XML parser, XML application etc).

In other words, when viewing the mozilla as a whole, it looks like mozilla put on the armor of application parts, which materialize the specification unique to mozilla application, outside of the web browser library. (sorry to say, mozilla's web browser library is not a single one, but sprawl throughout many modules.)

What embedding means is that you pick out only these web browser parts from mozilla, and use them by putting them inside your original application framework.

When you hope not to use the whole mozilla as it is, but to put mozilla browser as a part of the application framework you invented originally, or of the application set up from existing application framework, you should adopt the method "embedding".

Embedding by existing framework

In mozilla for Macintosh, there is an example "PPBrowser" that is using PowerPlant of CodeWarrior as a framework and putting mozilla browser into it.


You can build it from the above project after building mozilla itself.

It is checked in by Mr. Conrad Carlen, managed and advanced by him & others.

No doubt this source code will be the unique & valuable model of embedding of mozilla on Macintosh.

Embedding by original framework

"PPBrowser" is the example of embedding mozilla browser in PowerPlant framework. Then in this HP, referencing "PPBrowser" as a bible, we try to embed mozilla browser into original application.

I created "marbrow" for this kind of example.

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